Mission and Values

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Our Mission

To Amplify Understanding

There is always something the Lord is trying to impart to us, no matter what stage of life we are in or how mature we are in our faith. We want to be a church who is constantly seeking to deepen our relationship with God through a further understanding of the scripture. We believe that every Christian has the right and responsibility to know and understand God’s word. Opportunities to amplify your understanding of the Bible come during Wednesday Bible studies, Sunday School on Sunday mornings, Network Conferences, and more.


To Cultivate Encounters with God

We want to provide opportunities for people to experience the presence of God and grow their love for him. Examples of these opportunities are during worship, revival and prayer Services, Network Conferences, and more.


To Transform Upcoming Generations

We want to see the next generation of students entering society on fire for God. We want to see these new generations challenging those older and younger to put away their complacency and make God first in their life. We plan to use programs like Royal Rangers, Girls Ministries, FCA, and more to fulfill this vision.

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Our Affiliation

Lakeview is a part of the Ohio Ministry Network of the US Assemblies of God. As an Assemblies of God church we adhere to the Assemblies of God’s 16 fundamental truths.