Anita Bio

Anita Metheny

Worship Pastor


I grew up at Lakeview and at one point early on in my life lead the youth here. Through a course of several decisions and circumstances in my life I fell away from the Lord for a time. I became a firefighter, moved to Nevada with my family, and got married during that time. Fast forward many years and I came back not only to Ohio but to God and then to Lakeview. Early on in my time at Lakeview God spoke to me that I would eventually be his steward by which he would transform our worship experience at Lakeview. Where worship is about more than just singing songs well, but about ushering in the presence of God every time we come together. Ever since that day he has been growing and stretching me to do just that. Currently, I am enrolled with the Ohio School of Ministry to get my license with the Assemblies of God and my day job is working for the State Fire Marshalls office. It has been a long road to come back home in more ways than one; but I am so thankful for all that he has given me!